With every UCARI test kit purchased, we help feed a child in need.
UCARI Cares is the philanthropic division of UCARI that handles donating contributions from every test kit sale to help feed children who need it most.

At UCARI, we believe that children are our future. UCARI is founded on the caring philosophy of helping YOU and others around the world achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle. At UCARI, we strive to give back whenever possible, which is why our entire team – from our founders to our medical doctors - makes our philanthropic endeavors a #1 priority.

Feed a Child, Change a Life

Change your life and feed a child with one purchase. UCARI helps you identify foods that may be holding back or hindering your daily wellness, which can help you achieve the best version of YOU! Now, with every test kit purchase, we will donate a meal for a child around the world to show them that they are cared about and loved. When you partner with UCARI, you not only change your life, but you change the life of a child in need.

A Foundation with You in Mind

At UCARI, we believe a little love goes a long way! Imagine a world where you wake up and have no food at all. Where your daily meals are not a given, and your wellness is not a priority. UCARI Cares was created to get health - filled, nutrient - rich sustenance into the hands of children around the world. At UCARI, it’s all about YOU! And now, YOU can help us make a difference in the life of a child.


At UCARI, we believe we can change the world, one meal at a time. Child hunger never takes a day off, and neither will we! With every test kit purchase, you are providing a hungry child not only with food... but with hope! UCARI Cares is dedicated to helping children in need each and every day, ensuring that tomorrow is better than today.

Choose Hope. Choose Giving. Choose UCARI.

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