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Identify Your Intolerances and Discover What's Holding Your Fitness Goals Back

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Optimize Your Athletic Performance and Results
Discover the foods, environmental factors, skincare ingredients, or nutritional deficiencies that might be holding you back from going faster and longer or getting bigger and stronger. Receive easy to read reports, including personalized insights and actionable next steps.
Sport Test Kit
Product Description
• Non-invasive test, just provide a sample of your hair
• Suitable for all ages
• Measuring over 1,500+ intolerances, imbalances and sensitivities
• Results in two days *after sample received
** Ships within 24 hours **


Unlock Everything You Need To Know To Help Improve Your Performance And Results
Ucari compares your hair sample against:
Food Intolerances
Environmental Intolerances
Nutritional Imbalances
Skin Sensitivities
What's Included In Your Kit
Prepaid return
Access to lifelong
wellness tools

Discover How Imbalances Might Slow You Down

Find out what could be causing you to experience these symptoms LEARN MORE
Digestive issues
Skin problems
Joint & Muscle pain
Low energy
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to get closer to your goals.
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to get closer to your goals.
We make it easy to take action
Easy to understand test results
We keep it simple and easy to understand, so you know exactly what to do. When you log in, you will see a user-friendly, color-coded personal chart detailing your intolerances ranked from highest to lowest.
Personalized for you
Your results are broken down into four categories: food, environmental, skin care ingredient sensitivities, and your nutritional imbalances.
Actionable Nutritional Reboot
An easy three-part elimination diet that will help you unleash the power of the green, healthful foods that fuel your body to improve your athletic performance and results.
Backed By Bioresonance Technology

Our bioresonance systems measure the electromagnetic signals emitted from your hair sample and compares them to a database of items that determine intolerances and imbalances from your energetic profile


You Have Questions… We Have Answers!

Ask. Learn. Share.
That’s the Power of UCARI!

We all know when you're not feeling your best, you're not performing at your peak. Find out if you have any intolerances that could be holding you back and interrupting your fitness regime. Eliminate or avoid these items from your diet or daily lifestyle, and see improvements in your workouts.

We test for 1400+ possible intolerances. This includes: 650+ Potential Food Intolerances 360+ Environmental Intolerances 100+ Potential Nutritional Imbalances 300+ Ingredients used in personal care products

This is entirely up to you; You may share it with your nutritionist, Primary physician or workout coach to help guide you in the right direction to maximizing your full potential.

Luckily, not much! To provide you with the most accurate results, we only need 10-15 strands of hair. If your hair is short (or you’re using hair from other parts of your body besides your head), please include additional strands for optimum accuracy.
Got more questions? Find answers on our FAQs page.
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to get closer to your goals.
Ready to identify your intolerances and sensitivities to get closer to your goals.