How Tulsi, Also Known As Holy Basil, Helps Boost Health and Well-Being

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How Tulsi, Also Known As Holy Basil, Helps Boost Health and Well-Being

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know that a steaming cup of Tulsi tea in the morning or before you go to bed each night can be just as beneficial to your body? It’s true! So, before you head back to the same old aisle in the grocery store for plain old chamomile tea, consider the benefits of something easily accessible but slightly healthier like holy basil, also known as Tulsi.

Never heard of Tulsi? No problem! This powerhouse herb features an extensive range of beneficial properties and can be useful in people of all ages and genders. It may not have superpowers per say, but regular consumption can make you feel just as good as any superhero – watch out Batman!

Want to learn more about what Tulsi can do for you? Then let’s dive into the great ways that holy basil can help you take control of your wellness and make you the happiness, healthiest version of you!

Goodbye Indigestion

Indigestion can literally ruin a meal or your entire day! One great way that holy basil helps you live your best life is by helping your stomach and intestines work effectively during digestion. By decreasing the amount of acid in your stomach, Tulsi enables you to avoid nasty stomach ulcers and other digestive problems that so many people suffer from. If there have been meals or sauces that you have been steering clear of from out of fear of embarrassing indigestion, holy basil may be the key to allowing you to reincorporate those unique foods back into your diet slowly, so you can begin enjoying foods you love most once again!

In addition to helping you digest your old favorites, Tulsi can also restore your appetite to eat as you used to in the good old days. Plus, you won't have to worry about the bloating and discomfort that comes from indigestion with a little bit of holy basil on your side.

Keeps Disease Away

While it's never a replacement for medical care, a little Tulsi in your diet can go a long way towards keeping you free of illness. Holy basil strengthens your body's natural immune system without needing to rely on artificial ingredients that may not agree with you (or your stomach)! By eating Tulsi regularly, your body can build up a more robust immune system and shorten certain types of infections, lessening their severity and your discomfort.

No More Hay Fever

Allergies be gone! In a similar vein, Tulsi helps individuals who suffer from either seasonal or constant allergies. Holy basil is beneficial for your lungs and throat, so you can breathe a little bit easier. Want more good news? This powerhouse herb is incredibly potent when ingested through a strong tea because inhaling the steam generated by the hot water infused with Tulsi clears your sinuses and soothes your throat from all of the coughing and wheezing associated with allergies. It's a healthful dream come true for all your allergy needs!

Makes Menopause Easier

Let's be honest – menopause is no fun for any woman! Women feel all different kinds of effects, which vary in intensity based on the individual, but most complain of fatigue, high blood pressure, hot flashes, and difficulties with their thyroid. Holy basil can help ease some of these symptoms if consumed regularly, and get you back to feeling like your happy self once again!

Find Your Inner Peace

Okay, now Tulsi may not be an expert yogi or a wise man, but it can help you reduce your levels of anxiety in much the same way. In a time when most adults suffer from excessive stress at least once a week, if not more often, a piping hot cup of calming tea infused with holy basil may be just what you need! Can a cup of tea really make a difference, you ask? The answer is YES! It helps by harnessing Tulsi's natural adaptogenic properties to give your body a helping hand when it comes to the daily grind and everything life has to throw at you. The best way to use holy basil to find your inner calm is to take at least ten minutes for yourself while you sip, sip, enjoy!  Practice your breathing, stretch, or sit quietly, and sip your tea while finding your quiet center of peace. That alone time can be enough to remind yourself to breathe and not become overwhelmed as you tackle the day ahead.

See Things Clearly

When you aren't completely stressed out, many problems seem to have clear solutions. They say that some people can't see the forest for the trees, but sometimes those trees are just your anxieties keeping you from seeing things. Holy basil decreases the amount of cortisol released into your bloodstream, a hormone that your body produces when it is undergoing stress, which allows you to stay sharp and focused on what’s truly important.

Although still somewhat contested in the scientific community, some preliminary studies suggest that regular tea infused with holy basil can reduce the likelihood of developing certain brain disorders as you age, like dementia. Holy basil alone may not be useful, but it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping your mind clear and sharp for years to come!

Get Rid of Red, Itchy Skin

As millions of Americans know, skin conditions can negatively affect your life in more ways than one! But luckily, Tulsi may help in the treatment of acne and has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of eczema and other troubling skin conditions. Holy basil is chock full of antifungal and antibacterial properties, which keep skin trouble under control.

Also, holy basil helps to regulate inflammation or increased redness. Inflammation can lead to many other problematic symptoms like pain that can be treated in part by the regular consumption of tea infused with healthful Tulsi. Holy basil's anti-inflammatory properties can also help your skin stay clear and keep the rest of your body from swelling and becoming painful and hot to the touch. Once again, Tulsi swoops in for the win!

Stay Heart Healthy

Heart health first comes first! So, how does Tulsi help keep your ticker in tip-top shape? The active compounds in holy basil are rosmarinic acid, cirsimaritin, apigenin, eugenol, isothymonin, cirsilineol, and isothymusin. All of those compounds are essential in helping your heart beat naturally and decreasing the likelihood of developing high blood pressure. Another active ingredient is phenol, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that give your heart the chance to beat like the most robust drum you can imagine. When it comes to your heart, Tulsi is ready to help keep it strong and healthy!

In Summary

Ready to boost your immunity and take your wellness to the next level? Holy basil, also known as Tulsi, is a powerful herb to add to your daily diet that can significantly enhance your body's natural immune system and overall health. So, if you're ready to look your best while living your best life, turn to holy basil to give you a little extra boost in the morning, throughout your day, and even in the evening when you need to kick up your feet and relax a bit. The power of Tulsi can help you power through your day, today and every day forward! 

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