I'm Dr. Ralph

Dr. Ralph Lemus, ND

Meet Dr. Ralph Lemus – an individual biochemistry expert and proud member of our UCARI family!

Recognized as one of South Florida’s leading Natural Medicine authorities, Dr. Ralph Lemus has become an expert in natural therapies, adjunct therapies, and individual biochemistry. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Lemus has dedicated most of his career to helping and teaching physicians from different modalities to understand and incorporate Individual Biochemistry in their practices all over the world. Dr. Lemus was introduced to natural medicine at an incredibly early age which spurred his passion for the power of healing.

In addition to his phenomenal work on Individual Biochemistry, Dr. Ralph has also helped develop programs for children with learning difficulties and delayed development. Working alongside orthopedic surgeons to develop adjunct therapies for the recovery of patients post-operative, as well as expanding upon intravenous therapies that enhance the patient’s wellbeing, Dr. Lemus has developed numerous natural medicine formulas for major laboratories as well as for private labels within the medical community.

Dr. Lemus embraces all his patients and has worked with many athletes in both amateur and professional leagues as well as many well-known celebrities.

And now, our UCARI family is happy to have him!

Dr. Lemus has been featured on many National TV and radio shows and also hosts his own syndicated radio show in the Spanish market. Dr. Lemus has been affectionally nicknamed the “Spanish Dr Oz.” Fluent in English, Spanish, and 4 other languages, Dr. Lemus has been able to share his passion for helping patients with others from all over the world.  

Our UCARI family is proud to have the biochemical brilliance of Dr. Ralph Lemus as part of our medical team as we help guide your exciting and rewarding wellness journey toward a happier and healthier you!

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