At UCARI, we know you're busy, so we keep it simple!
By using UCARI’s Autoship option, you can be sure you never run out of your favorite UCARI Wellness Teas and/or Sports Drink, UCARI ONE. When you select our UCARI’s Autoship option, we will automatically send you your favorite UCARI products. It’s convenience and wellness poured into one delicious cup!
What are the benefits of UCARI's Autoship program?
  1. You are ALWAYS in Control: After you setup UCARI’s Autoship in your account at checkout, you can go back anytime and make changes to the quantity, selection, and timing of your personalized shipment. It’s simple. Login to your account and select Manage Autoship to make changes, or call (888) 966-4474 between 9AM to 5pm EST, Monday thru Friday to speak to one of our Customer Care Representatives or send an email to: who will help you make any changes. You can do it all - manage your shipment date, edit your shipping address, manage your payment methods, or cancel at any time.
  2. No Thinking, Just Pure Convenience: Realizing you’re out of your Good Evening bliss is a thing of the past! We’re here to help! From remembering your UCARI favorites to delivering your order automatically to your chosen shipping address, we make it that easy and convenient!
  3. Opt-in for UCARI's Autoship and Save More: When you sign up for UCARI’s Autoship, not only will you receive your UCARI favorites every month, but you will also save an additional 10% on all Wellness Teas and the UCARI ONE sports drink as well!
Your Daily Kickstart
Good Morning Tea
Bold, invigorating blend that kickstarts your morning, improves metabolism and awakens your soul!
Your Mid-Day Powerplay
Good Afternoon Tea
All-day, triple-play tea that keeps your body feeling lively, energized and refreshed.
Sweet Dreams Are Made of Tea
Good Evening Tea
Relax, destress, and sip your worries away - sleep tight.
Trio of Teas For Your Perfect Day
Good Day Teas
A perfect blend from sunrise to sunset, all in one pack.